A flow diagram representing the 8 phases the DevOps pipeline, with security baked into each phase.

Shifting Left: DevSecOps as an Approach to Building Secure Applications

So far in the Introduction to DevOps series, we鈥檝e covered what DevOps is at a high-level and what the practice aims to achieve. We then broke down the DevOps pipeline into phases to get a better understanding of how a DevOps pipeline hangs together as well as some common terminology. If you haven鈥檛 already go check them out first 馃憞 Part 1: What is DevOps? Part 2: The Eight Phases of a DevOps Pipeline...

18 July 2019 路 6 min 路 1066 words 路 Jakob Pennington
A graphic of a HTML script tag fading into the background.

Minifying XSS

Cross-Site Scripting is still one of the most prevalent web application vulnerabilities, and has featured in each revision of the OWASP Top 10 since the list was first published in 2010. Peaking at #2 in 2010, XSS was knocked off the podium for the first time in 2017, coming in at #7 on the list. This demotion may be due to the rise in popularity in Single Page Application (SPA) front-end frameworks such as React, Angular and Vue, which often include built-in sanitation to prevent these attacks....

18 March 2018 路 8 min 路 1492 words 路 Jakob Pennington